Bolivia Missions

Benny and Ester Fehr


Benny and Ester Fehr and their 4 children have been serving as missionaries in the San Jose de Chiquitos area in Bolivia since February 2019. 

They will be living in Hacienda Verde, a new settlement that is still a working project. Their main work will be ministering to Low-German Mennonites through the Radio and following up with their listening audience as well as working with youth. 

The Fehr’s and the MEM team that they are a part of want to see God’s love transform lives, that people may experience freedom and victory as they follow Christ, resulting in vibrant authentic churches in Bolivia. 

The Fehr's are serving through the Evangelical Mennonite Conference's Mission's Program. The mission in Bolivia is a joint ministry of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference (EMC), Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference and the Evangelical Bergthaler Mennonite Conference. Together they form the Misión Evangélica Menonita (MEM).

MEM has as its goal to encourage those people who for one reason or another have disassociated themselves with the church system of the colonies. Primary efforts are in spiritual, academic and economic areas.

If you would like to stay connected with them the easiest ways are through email or WhatsApp.



Benny | +59.168.949.248

Ester | +59.168.949.917

Financial Support

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